Gul Ahmed Energy Group celebrated International Women’s Day 2023 to acknowledge the efforts of all women. This year’s theme was #EmbraceEquity. Our aspiring female leaders & peers shared their valuable views about embracing equity and our allies showed their support by sporting #IWD colors.

Melinda Gates once said “A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.”

We held a digital poster design competition with the theme Embrace Equity: Imagining a world that’s diverse, equitable and inclusive. We had some great submissions with the winners being:

1st Position – Mr. Abdullah Danish
2nd Position – Ms. Monezza Khan
3rd Position – Ms. Maham Mehmood

You can view their creative posters below! 

Some other creative posters designed by our staff are below:


Aleena Burney – Company Secretary & Legal Counsel

Q: Why is Gender Equity important to you?

The difference between equality and equity is often overlooked by many. While gender Equality refers to equal rights and responsibilities, which undoubtedly is an important factor for growth, Gender Equity addresses the issues subject to individualities of the gender – one shoe does not fit all. Moulding and creating a flexible system that’s beneficial for all is gender Equity! Sadly, buried by cultural norms for a long time now, failure to treat women as an equivalent in terms of equal opportunities and benefits is primarily why and how we as a society need to #EmbraceEquity.  

Q: In what ways do you think we at Metro Power Group embrace equity?

We at Metro Power Group believe in Equity and gladly play our role in breaking the bias! I am very proud to share that we are now one of the few companies in Pakistan to offer Menstrual Leaves to women, reflecting a flexible system catering to all individuals and leading to a higher rate of productivity, motivation, and content employees.  
This year, I, with Metro Power Group, am proudly #EmbracingEquity


Q: Why is Gender Equity important to you?

The difference between Equality & Equity is not easy to understand.  
Equality is all about equal treatment & Equity is all about fair treatment – Equality isn’t always fair. 
Equal rights in society & the workplace aren’t enough for women, because we are different to men! Yes, we don’t only need equal treatment & equal rights, we need fair treatment & fair rights to shine with our uniqueness. 

Q: In what ways do you think we at Metro Power Group embrace equity?

While words matter, actions speak louder!  
The initiative of introducing Menstrual, Paternity & Special Leaves is the best example of how our Group embraces equity by designing fair policies in favor of all employees. 


From our Managers to our Officers, many came in sporting purple or white to show their support for International Women\’s Day 2022 and posing for this year campaign of #breakthebias