Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSRP) for Metro Wind Power is a way the company aligns its activities with the expectations of our stakeholders concerning its economic, social, and environmental impacts. Our stakeholders include our employees, contractors, and the local community.

The company will abide by all the legal requirements which apply to our project. The CSR Policy is adopted with the aspiration that the company wants to do more than just comply with the legal requirements for the benefit of the stakeholders resulting to be a responsible corporation.

Public participation has gradually rooted in national and international public health policy. It has become even more crucial for decision-makers to understand who is affected by the decisions and actions they take, and who has the power to influence the outcome. Stakeholder engagement is an essential process for MPCL to promulgate updates of their services and new developments. It is also an effective way for improving MPCL services which adds more perspective to stakeholders’ views. MPCL believes that effective participation with stakeholders is vital to the completion of the Wind power project. MPCL is consistently involved in the CSR activities for the betterment of their stakeholders, some of the activities are listed below:


Children from nearby village are getting education from a school provided by MPCL. The salary of the teacher is also being paid by MPCL. The books were provided to students.

Provision of Drinking Water

For the provision of clean water, MPCL has installed hand pumps in Qasim Burfat village. The local community enjoys the advantage of drinking water from the RO Plant. Water bowser is provided to villagers during the operation and maintenance period.


The company aids the villagers by extending some financial help covering their medical expenditure. The company provides basic health facilities (First aid) to local communities and has successfully established a first aid center at the MPCL site.


MPCL has provided solar panel on mosque. It is advised to maintain this facility in its true Essence.

Local Employment

As per the requirement of the stakeholder engagement plan; company’s contractor has employed number of people as per their skills from the local villages, local townships and district. In operation and maintenance phase company has employed 40 local people at MPCL site.

Access Roads

Company has constructed the access roads to connect villages.

Storm Water Diversion Bunds

The Company has started the construction of storm water diversion bunds that will help to increase the irrigation of surrounding open area for the villagers

Grievances Redressal Mechanism

MPCL has developed and implemented a grievance redressal mechanism to resolve the complaints of locals in an effective and timely manner. Conferring to the stakeholder engagement plan, MPCL is committed to ensuring the security and privacy of the community.